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Menceritakan Diri Menggunakan Bahasa Inggris

Hello friends, let me introduce myself in a short time. My name is Yuli Hidayah Pratiwi, and you can call me Tiwi. I was born in Kebumen, 15 July 1999. It means that I’m fifteen years old right now. Here, I live at Tambaharjo, Adimulyo, and I study in SMKN 1 Gombong.

I have a nice hobby and that is blogging. I get money from internet especially through blogging. I have a nice blog that provide information of home work and school duty. You can visit them to see my articles.

In my house, I live with my parents her name is Mr. and Mrs. Rinoto. I love them very much and I have a brother, her name is Dimas Ibnu Al-Rasyid. He is four years old.

That’s all and I would say thank to your attention. Nice to see you!

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