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My Holiday in Petanahan Beach

My Holiday

Yesterday, at the school holidays I went to the Petanahan beach with my friend, she is Diah. I wait that day for a long time, because I want to refresh my mind after examination end of semester.

We have been planning this for a long time, and in fact we intend to invite two friends again for a vacation together. But at that time they have their own business.

At that time I was very happy because I can be playing and walks with my friend. At Sunday, we went to the beach at 9.00 am by motorcycle. Arriving at the beach we went straight to the edge of the beach to play water and sand. The beach is very clean and there are many pine trees that create shade in the surrounding circumstances. Near the beach are also many merchants, food, and drinks.

There, we met with two children then we introduce our self to them and they are become our new friends. They are Mika and Eti. They are very exciting, and we were playing with them. But it did not long, they go home first, and only we in there. Once satisfied playing the water, I took my phone to take pictures with Diah.

At 1.00 pm we left on the beach to buy a pair of flat shoes. We spent quite a long time. After I found my choice and pay them, then go to the next place, it’s the baso cafes. We went there because we actually feel very hungry.

After eat the baso, we were back home. In the middle of our trip, we get caught in rain and we got home in wet conditions. It was very cold for us. This holiday is indeed very tiring and even made us both sick. But this holiday is very fun because we get two new friends in there.

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