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Teks Deskripsi Teman Sekelas Berbahasa Inggris

My close friend, Anisa

I am Tiwi. Now I want to tell about my close friend, Anisa. She is my classmate in X TKJB. I first met him when I register as a new student at SMK Negeri 1 Gombong.

She lived in Gombong with her older sister. She was 15 years old, same with me. Anisa is a cheerful and friendly woman. She always cared and helped his friends in trouble and never discriminate friends.

I and Anisa pretty close friend. She likes to wear blue clothes. She always wears veil, and she is very pretty with her veil. She is a good person, funny and likes to entertain. She likes to buy ice and fried. She has pointed nose, black and long hair, brown skin and red lips. She is a clever students, she was ranked ninth on the exam yesterday. She is smart, but she is so humble. And more, she was a religious person. She was always invites his friends to pray and worship God. In class he likes to joke and talk funny things, I like his spontaneous style when we joking. I and my friends liked her.

I’m sure I and Anisa will always be close friends!

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