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Text Descriptive Tentang Ayah Berbahasa Inggris

My Father

I want to tell about my father, her name is Rinoto. He is 43 years old. He is very handsome and dashing man. He has a tall and sturdy body. My dad’s tall is about 170 cm and his weigh is about 60 kg.

My father has a pointed nose, unlike with me is flat nose. His hair is black and short. His eyes are black with thick eyebrows. Her skin is light brown. My father is very friendly. He is happy to make other laugh with his jokes.

He is married to someone from Adimulyo, she is Siti Mahmudah. In this marriage, they have two children. It is me and my younger brother, Dimas.

My father is a very great man. He has friendly personality. He always understands condition and needs of her children. My father is a hard worker. He works as a mathematics teacher at the school. Even though my father is a math teacher, I still don’t like math.

I love my father !!

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